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Zyllion’s New ZMA-19-BK and ZMA-19-BR Neck and Back Massagers
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Zyllion’s New ZMA-19-BK and ZMA-19-BR Neck and Back Massagers

Zyllion has produced a wonderful new neck and back massagers. The ZMA-19 comes in both black leather and brown leather to match any style and décor. The new and enhanced ergonomic curvature of the massager lets the Shiatsu massage nodes really get into those neck muscle nooks and crannies. Not only is the ZMA-19 for use on the neck but also fits perfectly into the body contours of lower- & upper-back, abdomen, calf, and thigh areas.

The ZMA-19 also has two multipurpose straps fixed to the back of the massager. You can strap it to a favorite chair, hold on to the straps and direct the massager in the direction you desire, or Velcro them back and out of the way.

The Shiatsu massage nodes in the ZMA-19 are three-dimensional, meaning different sizes to increase the luxury of the massage. It really gives that almost human touch of a Shiatsu massage. Another great feature is that the massage nodes change direction every minute to really loosen the muscle and provide ultimate relaxation. Then add soothing heat on top of the rotating Shiatsu massager nodes and you have a recipe for complete relaxation.

Do you have a long commute? Do you get a stiff neck and back from sitting in the car for hours of road trips? Sitting in the car for hours a day can lead to muscle tension, pain, and stress. This is why we made the ZMA-19 compatible to also be used in the car with our convenient and universal car adapter. The ZMA-19 really is a great versatile Shiatsu massager for all ages.

ZMA-19-BR Shiatsu Neck and Back Massage Pillow with Heat (Brown):

Zyllion ZMA-19-BK Shiatsu Neck and Back Massage Pillow with Heat (Black):Zyllion

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