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Take Care of Your Feet and Check Out Our Black Friday & Cyber Week Promotion!
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Take Care of Your Feet and Check Out Our Black Friday & Cyber Week Promotion!

If you could guess how often you were on your feet, what would the miles calculate up to? Truth of the matter is that we do not realize the importance of our feet and how often we use them to get from point A to point B, and maybe even point C! According to the Arthritis Foundation, "experts say orthopaedic disorders, including foot problems, are a leading cause of inability and disability in the United States." Are you taking care of your feet?

At Zyllion, we understand how stress from working, exercising, and/or a long day running errands can have on your feet; therefore, we present you our ZMA-10 Foot Massager with Heat to give your sore, tired feet some good pampering! We want to make sure that your tired feet get an opportunity to rest and relax. We have combined the advanced massage technology and traditional Chinese foot reflexology with heat to give your feet an all-around massage.

One of our clients recently ran the Malibu Full Marathon. After 26.2 miles of running, they mentioned that they were in dire need of a foot massage. They turned on the ZMA-10 Foot Massager with Heat at home and told us, "This is exactly what my feet and body needs. A foot massager that works and in the comfort of my own home, in my pajamas!"

Once you click the "On" button, the rolling massage action on the bottom of the ZMA-10 Foot Massager will target the soles of your feet. Chinese foot reflexology believes that the soles of our feet hold multiple pressure points that connect and reflect different sensations throughout our entire body. The kneading massage lets your foot feel invigorated and stress-free. "With every mile we walk, 200,000 to 300,000 pounds of stress bears down on our [feet], and by the time we're 50, most of us have walked 75,000 miles," which means that your feet are carrying pounds of stress that are applying direct tension to different parts of your body.

We encourage you to try our ZMA-10 Foot Massager with Heat in either Black or Purple. Heat is incorporated in this Foot Massager to help sooth your feet while being massaged, and with four (4) pre-set Automatic Modes, and three (3) Focus Modes you are able to target specific zones of your feet while enjoying a true spa experience.

Want this Foot Massager for yourself or a loved one? Take advantage of our Black Friday and Cyber Week Promotion: Purchase 1 Item and receive the 2nd Item for 25% Off! Enter Promo Code: ZPBFSALE at time of purchase to receive discount!

Call us today if you have any questions! We want you to sit back, kick up your feet, and relax!

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